Johanny Velasquez lives in Tehachapi, CA and commutes to LA 4 days a week to play hockey. He is a 2000 birth year player that plays for The California Heat in Panorama City, California. Johanny is an elite hockey player whom has always played offense until this year when he switched to defense. His speed, agility, and strong skating skills set him apart on the ice. His ability to shift from defensive to offensive play, quick decision making, and back and forechecks are just a few of his outstanding skill sets. Jo is an outstanding student with a 3.9 GPA. His goal is to play NCAA college hockey while pursuing a degree in engineering. Johanny is also a two-time World stunt skating champion whom received his first signature professional skate at 10 years old. He lives and trains at one of the worlds largest action sports and gymnastics facilities in the world, Woodward West. Johanny is the ultimate athlete whom is a natural born leader, committed to his training & team, and passionate about life and hockey.