Author: pamela

Dragons WIN Thanksgiving Tournament in Anaheim, CA

The Dragon Squirt Team won the Anaheim, CA Thanksgiving Tournament! We all had a blast and worked hard for the Championships title!  We played 4 games (won 3, lost 1) and made our way into the final championships game. We played the Anaheim Ducks. It was an intense game that went into OT and then […]


Kids & fellow skaters from all over the world once again came out to the best skating facility in the world… WOODWARD WEST! The level of skating was insane and I had the privilege of competing with friends and peers that were skating amazing. CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE!

Bullying Demo- TAKE A STAND

On Monday, October 13th, fellow Woodward West Professionals and I got to TAKE A STAND against bullying at Cummings Valley School. Bullying in schools is a very serious issue right now across the United States. I hope you will join me and help others TAKE A STAND as well. Please seek help if you know […]

March 13th-AIL Recap

Saturday, March 13th was the first AIL of 2010. Over 100 skaters came out to skate and unite at Woodward West in Tehachapi, CA. You can check out for all the latest info, results and future dates. My division was filled with lots of great skaters.  Jack Simmonds, Isaac Alvardo, Wyatt Tipton, Cameron Davis, […]

Visiting Intuition skate shop

Jan 2nd, I made a trip to Intuition Skate shop to visit Matt Mickey and the local Bakersfield skate scene. I arrived at the store, after skating the park on Rosedale, to find my skate in the front window of Matt’s shop. Matt Mickey does an amazing job promoting the sport. He has really increased […]